Teeth Bleaching

We have several options to whiten/bleach your teeth! At-Home or In-Office!


State-Of-The-Art Tech

Our office uses the most current techniques and procedures to lower the chances of enamel degradation and pain during the teeth bleaching/whitening process.


Experienced Dentists

Our dentists have been leaders in the industry for decades. Dr. Kenneth D. Silvestri & Dr. Dawn T. Gallucci go above and beyond to make our customer’s smile bright!


On Call 24/7

We can provide emergency services on nights and weekends. We have associates standing by to schedule appointments, even after hours! Just fill out the form below!

There are two types of bleaching procedures:

There are at-home teeth bleaching/whitening trays or in-office teeth bleaching/whitening. We provide both for your convenience.

In-Office Bleaching

This is done with the new advanced “Zoom” Bleaching Light. It is a two hour procedure in the chair. It is quick and effective, but more expensive. The procedure lasts approximately two years and can be maintained thereafter with bleaching trays or further in-office treatment.

At-Home Bleaching Trays

Plastic trays are made from impressions taken of the patient’s mouth. A bleaching substance is given to the patient which is placed by the patient in the trays every night for three days to a week. Significant whitening is usually seen. The whitening lasts at least a year. It is inexpensive to purchase bleach every year or two as it is needed.

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